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A Game Changer For Paralysis Patients

IITans Device for needy paralysis patients:

Accidentally, if anyone met with an accident and suffering from joint pains in the body, or may be with paralysis, it will take a lot of time to get back to the original stage.

Even, if you plan to go for physiotherapy, it’s not guaranteed that you might recover from paralysis or joint pain problems.

Honestly speaking, people facing problems will not go for these tough exercises. Just to avoid these tough exercises, a problem solving device to help out the patients to reach out the needy people.

A Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship IIT (CFHE IIT Hyd) Hyderabad is supporting and looking forward to get the complete uses of this device for patients.

To get this device available in the market, it has started up with a company called ”B able” with the help of CFHE IIT Hyderabad.

This device is named as ” Arm Able ” will be out in the market in years time from now.

Device Can Be Operated By Smartphone

This device has been introduced to us by one of the biomedical engineering students from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), who completed his Master’s in technology and his name is Habib Ali.

Later, he got admission in 2016-17 in CFHE IIT Hyderabad. Apart from his admission, he got a fellowship with his program and support from CFHE IIT Hyderabad, and  he has managed to introduce the device for paralysis patients.

Out of every three paralysis patients, at least two or maybe two patients fall out on disability. Gradually, it loses its sense in any of the hands.

Damaged hand to recover to its original stage, complete exercise is very much needed. And this exercise needs 400-600 movements. But, who are already into this problem they could only manage to do 20-30 movements only. As a result, the healing process is getting delayed.

In this process, it might lose the sense and control on the complete hand. With this device Habib Ali is now stating that paralysis patients can manage to do 450 movements in the span of 30 minutes.

Exercise As Playing Game for Paralysis Patients

A Game Changer

Victims can now enjoy the five different types of exercises with this device.

Discovered device is set to release in the market and get permission from Biotechnology Ignition.

The “Arm Able” device has been awarded a gold medal in innovation fair last year conducted in Andhra Pradesh. Cerebral Palsy, multiple sclerosis patients can take advantage of this device.

Apart from this, the team working on this planning to get few other devices with the help of CFHE IIT Hyd depending upon the patient’s requirements.

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