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Alanya Town Resort Turkey

Alanya is a main resort town on Turkey’s central Mediterranean coast. It is a symbol of city dating back to 1226 with the octagonal Red Tower, Ottoman villas, Alanya Castle and Seljuk-era fort turned open-air museum. All the beaches are so broad and wide that most of the hotels lined up with them.

open air museum

Southern coast of Turkey’s seashore town Alanya is matchless mix of archeological sites, relaxation, history and endless adventure. It is infolded between the Mediterranean and Taurus Mountains.

Alanya beaches

The shipyard is worth a visit in Alanya even if it is a short trip. Inspiring 13th century castle overseeing the widespread beaches in Alanya. Antalya city has more to do with shopping when compared to Alanya resort town.

Distance from Antalya Airport to Alanya Town Resort

Antalya is the major airport to Alanya. Distance from airport to the main resort is around 72 miles to west of Alanya. Gazipasa is another airport to reach Alanya to its southeast about 21 miles. Frequent public transportation is available to move around from airport to town resort.

Antalya Airport to Alanya Town Resort

Distance between Antalya and Alanya is 123 kms and might get up to 2 hours and 20 minutes travel time in the shuttle bus. The fastest means to get to resort is to hire a cab.

Alanya’s Tradition

To practise the local tradition, shopping is the best way of understanding. The marketplace is open to buy souvenirs for yourself, family and friends backhome. Locally hand made hand bags to old fashioned Turkish carpets.

Alanya’s Tradition

The shopping experience can be different with Vibrant colors of clothes, jewellery, lamps and ceramics, spices and fruit. It is  one of the largest fairs in the southern coast of Turkey.

Souk or Bazaar is a Turkish tradition. And it is practised once in a week in most of the villages, districts and towns even these days. Most famous bazaar of Alanya takes place only on Fridays and in other regions it would be on Tuesdays.


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