Sunday, 11 April 2021

Antalya best known as

Since 1960 it is best known to be at the gateway of Turkish Riviera which is well known in archaeological history. Most of the region is bounded by mountains and coastline, beaches known for its uniqueness. Antalya city is in the south west part of Turkey in the Mediterranean coastline. However, Antalya is known for its blue flag sandy beaches, sandstone cliffs, and premium restaurants.

Anatalya Duden waterfalls

Antalya is famous for

Antalya’s Cuisine is marked for great gastronomy. As Mediterranean dishes are a proper mix of spicy herbs with olive oil and other special ingredients. Mediterranean white grouper is commonly found fish in the local dish. These beaches are also famous for blue flag beaches with pleasing views of the shore and mountains filled with pine. Apart from beach and cuisine you have lots to experience in Antalya, like wildlife museum and Duden waterfalls.

Premium restaurants in antalya

Mediterranean climate of Antalya drives the customers most of the year round. As it is sunny most of the month and the winters are rainy. Location of Antalya is on the way to Alanya highway. Airport is 10 km away from the east of the city center.

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