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Antalya History

Pergamum King Attalus would be the introduction for the multidimensional history of the Antalya who explored this place in search for the earthly paradise. The  urban centre was named after Attaleia after its founder Attalus II of Pergamum in the 1st Century BC. Attaleia became a Roman city when the Pergamene kingdom was passed over to Rome. Emperor Hadrian visited here in AD 130 and was built a heroic arch as an honor which is today called as Hadrian’s Gate.

historical features

Though Antalya as a city is not conceived to be equally old as other cities which are along the same coast, but it is still thriving while the elder ones are becoming out. The age – old facts were found in the Karain Cave, which is 2 kilometer from the heart of the city which dates back to the Palaeolithic period. This zone has been colonized since the oldest times.

Antalya Culture

The advance of the city has enriched, by the arrivals of the different rulers in the metropolis. The area has been a movement of attraction to different civilizations from the ancient past.

Antalya Culture

The Byzantine Empire, also known to be as the Eastern Roman Empire took over Attaleia from the Romans. But, Seljuk Turks in 1207 based in Konya took over the Attelia city from them and gave new name as Antalya and its symbol as Yivle Minare.

Antalya Region

The Ottomans, Seljuk Turks and Ottomans prospered in the antique city and evolved at their best. But after WWI all the allies based on the Ottomans Empire was totally split up.


Italy got Antalya in 1918, but Ataturk’s Army has put an end to all such foreign holdings by 1921.          

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