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Brief Description About Diabetes

It’s been very common in children with diabetes these days. According to World Health Organization (WHO), reports stated that out of every 100 members, 20 members are suffering from diabetic problems, and concluded that 4% of the deaths are just because of diabetes.

Most popularly known disease called “Diabetes Mellitus”, and the concern with this disease is an  unexceptional increase in sugar levels in the blood.

Originally diabetes means urinary excretion, mellitus meaning a sweet substance.

Levels to Control

If the sugar levels exceeds more than the expected level in the blood, then it is called as hyperglycemia.

Sugar levels in the human body can vary between 60-120 mg, out of every 100 milliliters. If it exceeds more than 160 mg, it will not damage the human body.

If it exceeds more than these levels, we need to understand those are the symptoms of diabetes.

Control and Measurements Over Diabetes

Diabetes measurements

To control sugar levels in the blood, we have a gland called pancreas in the human body.

Different types of cells are present in the human body. Some of them try to produce glycogen hormones, which tries to increase the sugar levels.

But some of the cells try to produce hormones called insulin, which try to resist sugar levels in the human body. If we don’t have control on insulin then, increased sugar level percentage in the blood will lead to diuresis disease.

We have different medicinal herbs available to reduce the increased sugar level percentage in the blood.

It is really surprising to see fruits, vegetables, and pulses what we eat in our daily life will support and prevent us from getting diabetes.

For people suffering from diabetic disease, there is no complete solution to cure it. So, with the use of medicinal herbs it is easy to control the sugar level percentage in the blood content.

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