C’an Picafort resort Majorca, Spain

C’an Picafort holiday resort is in the municipal territory of Santa Margalida. The closest airport to the resort is Son Sant Joan international airport, which is 60 km north east of Palma at the easterly terminal of the Alcudia Bay.  

C’an Picafort Resort Airport Transfers.

C’an Picafort Resort Airport Transfers Map

Approximate transfer time would be anywhere between one and half hour to 2 hours.

Even then this resort would be the least favoured alternative to operate in all of Majorca as the town itself all German dominated with many of the bars and restaurants targeting German tourists. 

Brief About Balearic Islands.  You can feel uncomfortable with the kind of local influence.

 C’an Picafort Resort Beaches

C’an Picafort resort Majorca, SpainC’an Picafort Resort Local Information C’an Picafort Resort C’an Picafort Resort Beaches

C’an Picafort beaches suites for all the ages. Here you can find two main beaches in Baulo district and also a small protected nature reserve. Majorca A Welcome Destination.

C’an Picafort resort has a wide traffic free beach side promenade where you can get out all the bars and eateries from the marina and the fishing harbor towards the modern Son Baulo area of the township which is further 2 km away to the east.

The beaches of this resort are considered to be the cleanest and have really good facilities all the time.

C’an Picafort Resort Local Information

Furthermore, it actually lacks the tourist attractions and evening entertainment is mostly hotel based.

If you are planning to explore locally, you can observe a bus service which runs along the coast road through Playa de Muro into nearby Alcudia.

Charges would cost around 1 euro per person for the trip. Important consideration is always that in the busiest times buses might be pushed.

If you desire to capture rid of crowded buses you can rent a cab for your journey and that might cost you just about 10 euros for a maximum of four masses.

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