Saturday, 24 October 2020
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Chill out in the Sun Sational Heat this Summer

Everyone has a  plan to chill in summer, but body gets heated up. Gradually, energy levels in the body decrease as well. Extra energy is needed even to do a small amount of work as a result, everyone lose energy and in the end lead to intolerance.
In summer season, skin gets tanned and burnt with its rays and humidity from the body is lost. Due to which we lose the complete energy.

Following are a few Tips to Chill the  Sun kissed Summer to keep Cool

Chill out in the Sun-Sational Heat this Summer

  • Fruits containing with extra liquid juices need to be consumed in summer to protect and beat the heat. Fruits like watermelon and papaya, healthy smoothies etc.., are recommended for summer for all age groups.
  • Before you start to work out in the morning, one need to drink plenty of water as heat and sweat can keep you away from dehydration.
  • Before travelling sufficient amount of water need to be taken to keep fit with the sun rays.

Chill By Controlling Body Temperature

It is best suggested from medical experts to use wet napkins when travelling. Wet napkins are available in retail and other pharmacy stores. When precipitated use wet napkins to keep yourself comfortable in the hot sun.
Quench your thirst by carrying a water bottle with you always wherever you go or whenever you travel, as it keeps the body temperature constant to fall you from sickness.Summer an Unforgettable Staycation.

Best chillers for summer

Add a teaspoon of soda in the still water to drink. We can also use soda, which is available in any of the ice cream parlours or bakeries.
However, intake of soda should be limited in the potion, if not there are more chances of bones getting weaker.
It is advisable to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.
Though fruits give instant energy sometimes, they can be harmful as they contain high calories in the body which lead to weight gain. It is advised to carry water bottle and drink water frequently.

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