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Coriander Leaves Acts as a Family Doctor

We don’t know the birth of coriander leaves and its existence, but it proved to act as a family doctor from the ages with its medicinal properties involved in it. It masters the complete kitchen with its recipes. Curry leaves used in recipes will add a new taste to it.

Apart from India, countries like China and Spain have been influenced by coriander leaves with its priorities and taste for healthy living. It is also known from the history that Romans added coriander leaves to breed for good taste.

Coriander Leaves

Usage of Coriander Leaves in Daily Life

It belongs to carrot family called auspicious family. It contains proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber ingredients and volatile oils as well are available. It is not only used as coriander leaves, but also as seasoning seed in the recipes grown in the garden. So, leaves and seasoning seeds have the properties of being herbal medicine. Consumption of leaves is used as a fragrance in many of the recipes. It should be noted that it is used in almost every part of India.         

Coriander leaves in the Southern part of India are used in making Sambhar Rasam, Red Meat and etc…where as in the Northern part of India, it is used in making Dhokla, raitha, kadi and pulav recipes. Morocco and other European countries are the major plantation of coriander seeds and leaves. Cold weather is sufficient in growing leaves.Curry Leaves as well are used in daily life.

Coriander Leaves as Medicine

Coriander leaves have some special properties of being medicated. Leaves with its roots are used in different medicinal purposes such as Unani and Ayurveda.

It avoids all the arthritis disorder related diseases. However, for any of the beet family recipes these leaves are used compulsorily. Coriander will control the gas related production from leaking in the stomach and gastric problems. And leaves as well are not exception as it has the property of creating hungriness in the stomach.

Ingredients in leaves have potassium and alkaline acts as good cleansers. Cleansers play a very important role in blood related diseases. It has the ability to prevent diseases like cough, cold, asthma and sleeplessness disorders. Boiled coriander in milk before sleep is the attic. Identified medicinal properties in coriander leaves are grown in cold and shades in garden by just throwing coriander seeds, this practice has been an age old from our ancestors.

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