Role of Curry Leaves as a Medicine

Most of the recipes in India are termed to be as incomplete without curry leaves. It is definitely part of your recipe, but next question comes here is, how many of them eat the leaves.

Curry Leaves

We would hardly find the answer people saying yes to eat leaves while having food. Three-fourth of the people put them aside on the plate thinking that it is only for taste, but not for any other important uses that we get out of it.

Complete research on leaves revealed that out of every 100 grams of curry leaves, 16 grams of curry leaves contain proteins. The rest of it contains calcium, iron, phosphorous and vitamins-A, B, C.

For healthy being curry leaves play an important role. It keeps the body temperature cool. Curry leaves are helpful for all the age groups. That was the main reason, we use to see at least a curry leaves tree in the garden olden days for its importance. Konigin glucoside, which is present in the leaves is the main cause for the taste of the leaves in the recipe.Coriander Leaves

Role of Curry Leaves in Daily Life

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves play a major role in the growth of the  kids for their bones and eyes. People suffering from osteoporosis are recommended to have leaves in the daily food diet. Curry leaves low downs the mental pressure and supplies calcium to brain to keep the daily routine relaxed. Also, people suffering from mouth ulcers can chew curry leaves to get it healed. Curry leaves control sugar levels in the blood content, if they eat early in the morning with empty stomach.

Uses of Curry Leaves

It is also useful for people with nerve weakness, especially for the elderly people if they make the habit of having  leaves in all the recipes. The easiest way of using leaves is, when you stressed working in front of your computer, just apply it on the particular area and leave it for some time. It relaxes you from the pressure.

Boil leaves in the oil and apply it to the hair, gradually it blackens the white hair. You can also have leaves in making buttermilk to drink.

Kidney stones which are the major problem these days can also be treated with the usage of leaves if we make the juice and have it on a regular basis. It all depends how you have curry leaves depending upon the recipe what you do to keep yourself healthy.

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