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Dream of Flying in a Car is Coming Home Now

Would you wonder, have you ever heard about a flying car available in online booking? Well, then there is no need to wonder. Karman Ink Company in America said that’s possible through technology.
Youngsters, from different countries trying to come up with the same technology, in the commercial market. It has been revealed in one of the newspaper in CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Meet.

Flying Car Runs on Air with Electricity

Dream of Flying in a Car is Coming Home Now

The Karman Ink Company was established in the process of making flying cars with its innovative technology. We try to bring this technology to India as soon as possible.
Team of Karman Ink Company is working with neetiaayog to find out how this manufacturing industry would be useful to Andhra Pradesh.

Make a trip as simple as online booking cabs

The proposal has been put forward to travel by experts for a flying car from Amaravati to Vizag or to any other city in the country. And planning to choose them city’s which can be easily be travelled within one hour, which costs only 4 per km.
It is best possible to travel from Vizag to Amaravati as it is only one hour. In addition, discussions with Maharashtra Government is going on about the technology and few other European countries as well.

It is one of the Proposals By an American Company

Many of the technologies with flying car are in the United States, and we have few other participants from different countries such as UK, France, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Israel, Russia and Japan.
PAL-V, Terrafugia, Aeromobil, Ehang, E-Volo, Urban Aeronautics, Kitty Hawk and Liium Aviation are few companies successful in making flying cars.
It is hoped to deliver the first of its kind by the end of 2018.
So, are you looking forward for your experience in flying car? Yes, undoubtingly I would like to get book one for myself.see more.

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