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Even One Smoke Per Day is Dangerous 

In the process of quitting cigarette, chain smokers or people who smoke, they normally say that they cut down as one cigarette per day or less to avoid it on a regular basis. But still, even a smoke or half smoke is considered to be as more dangerous, by one of the research scientists  working  in a National Cancer Institute in U.S.A.

Experts Advice

  • An expert, in one of her research from cancer Epidemiology and Genetics Maki Inoue Choi, stated that once you start up a topic of smoking, no matter what, even if it’s one smoke or half it is still dangerous to smoke.
  • A study made by  the experts between the ages of 59-82 years of age for almost  300,000 people, these reports stated that, few people who is looking to quit smoking they light up cigarette for one or two puffs or they make it to less than half when trying to cut down cigarette. But when compared to people who don’t smoke at all, with them those who smoke one or two puffs, researchers say that they are affected by 64% of the smoking related diseases.
  • And it is considered that, 12 % of lung cancer diseases are found more common, when compared with non smoking people.
  • As well, when it is compared, tobacco related diseases with a smoking person we can find emphysema based respiratory problems are considered 2.5% more risky with a non smoking individual.
  • No matter with the age group, Instead of cutting down cigarette to half per day or one per day, it is better to stop suddenly at one go. And, it is stated to be safe as discussed by the other experts, who worked with her in this exercise.  It is better to be away from tobacco to safeguard ourselves from tobacco related diseases which causes damage to health.

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