Extra Benefit of Using Social Media Travelling By Plane Now

Now you have the chance of using a mobile phone with your well-wishers, colleagues, and friends while travelling by plane and to use other social media as well like Facebook, what’s app and gadgets.

It has recommended by a telecom organization TRAI that mobile and other internet services should be allowed to use on the plane.
And this is possible with the usage of satellite to know the national networks. This is going to be the first time flights offering free service in the planes.

Telecom organizations have requested to TRAI with reference that, if it is possible to use voice, data, and video call services in the plane nationally or internationally as per the report stated on 10th of Aug 2017 this year.
If the usage is technically possible and do not have any problem with the internal security norms, then there is no problem or to have restrictions to use mobile and other internet services on the plane.

Extra Benefit of Using Social Media on plane

Recommendations From TRAI For IFC

TRAI is recommended to get this service available on the plane. In relation to national mobile networks, when the plane is travelling above 3000 meters it should allow network user to use their services.

It has been demanded that services provided by the plane for the user should not cost as low as one rupee for one year license fee.
When requested to keep the mobile in airplane mode, you are allowed to use internet services through Wi-Fi.

The operation of mobile communication on aircraft has a minimum restriction of 3,000 meters in Indian airspace to ensure its compatibility with terrestrial mobile networks.

Terms and Conditions of IFC

Requirements and norms will be still same even if it is for Indian or Foreign airlines for offering, IFC (In flight connectivity) in Indian airspace.

This move has been indicated a great sign for the employees working in the India, as they can compete and challenge with the foreign executives working with air spaces.

Indian carriers can offer depending upon the competitive situation.

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