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Features of Diabetes

Following are the features of diabetes:

  • With an indefinite and sore throat for thirst of water
  • Excessive sweat in the body
  • Frequent numbness in hands and legs 
  • Being weak on a regular basis
  • Loss of weight and producing heat in the body
  • Urinating more than the required number of times
  • Excessive levels of sugar going away from urination
  • Looking to fall asleep regularly
  • Injuries not getting healed quickly
  • Blood cells in the brain getting stenotic
  • Blood flow slows down on aortic, and more chances of blood clot

Features of Diabetes

Tests to Confirm Diabetes

To confirm sugar levels in urination, we have so many diagnostic centers and medical labs available in the market. After confirming from the lab, if you are affected by diabetes or not, then, if it says yes, then you need to consume below mentioned vegetables, medicinal herbs and fruits. And if it is followed regularly 2 times a day on a regular basis, then there is a possibility of controlling diabetes.

Vegetables that Cures Diabetes

Bitter Gourd

This vegetable is very important from its root levels to cure diabetes. The habit of having gourd leaves or bitter gourd juice early in the morning in half a cup, it tries to maintain the needed sugar levels in the blood for the day and keeps you healthy.

Coccinia Grandis

If it is possible to get the roots of this vegetable, then get it dried in the deep shadows and grind it into the powder. Mix up this powder, have it in the milk with empty stomach in the morning. One pinch of powder is more than enough to control the sugar levels in the blood.

Ginger and Garlic for Diabetes

Ginger and garlic is considered to be the best medicine for all the diseases. 

It plays very important role in eliminating diabetic disease. Have a habit of taking 3-5 teaspoons of ginger or garlic juice everyday in the mornings to get control over it.

Apricot Fruit for Diabetes

Apricot fruit is another easiest method to get control over diabetes. If you can manage to eat the complete fruit that is well and good, if not dry the seed from the apricot fruit and powder it and have it in the form of juice.

Some Other Herbs to Cure Diabetes

  • Bite the neem gums early in the morning with empty stomach
  • Powder drum sticks and have it
  • Having radish juice mornings and evening
  • Having coriander juice in hot water
  • Abrus precatorius leaves juice twice a day
  • Fenugreek seeds and leaf juice
  • Chebula juice in regular water

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