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Skipping For Slim LooksPlanning to lose a weight over short a period of time. Age old and best tool is to start up with skipping. You may just be thinking that it’s just a skipping rope. What does it do fitness. Apart from losing weight we do have so many other advantages of using skipping rope.


Skipping For Slim Looks

Skipping is termed to be as one of the best fitness cardio exercises. If you are doing skipping exercise, blood circulation pulls up the speed in the heart, not only heart, but all the other parts of the body gets exercised.

  1. With lesser cost, the best way to burn calories in the human body, and the most effective tool or equipment for exercise is skipping rope.
  2. The best uses of skipping is, you get balance when you walk, coordination, walking abilities will improve. So that’s the reason athletes and runners in their training prefer to go for skipping to keep themselves fit.
  3. Skipping, shapes your hands and shoulders, pelvis, thighs and keeps your muscles fit.
  4. Impact of skipping reduces joint pains when compared to running, and it is proved scientifically. Hence, it is recommended. So opt for skipping rather than running to avoid joint pains for fitness. As well,  skipping increases the density, volume of the bone.
  5. An hour of skipping can burn up to 1300 calories. There is no other possible option for the best way to burn fat cells. It’s always a great saying ” Health is Wealth”

Happy Sleeping

Happy Sleeping

Sleep is not just to rest the body, but to boost energy in the body as well.

  1. Bed sheets which we use on the bed will definitely have an impact on our sleep. It’s recommended to use cotton sheets for better sleep.
  2. Apart from soft and smooth comfort sheets it keeps you warm in the sleep.
  3. Loose pyjama are better for night sleep, where you can feel fresh environment in the night.
  4. Usage of socks before bed time, keeps your legs warm and whole body warm.
  5. Avoid the habit of having sweet and cool drinks, tea, coffee in the early morning. If you cannot avoid tea or coffee, resist for green tea with honey as a sweetener to mix in it instead of sugar.
  6. On the whole, to make yourself comfortable in bed, keep things tidy and clean, and have the habit of cleaning bed sheets on a weekly basis.

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