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General Diet For Kidney Patients

General Diet for Kidney Patients

General Compliance Rules For Diet for Kidney Patients:

Food consumed need to be without salt.

  • Milk, curd, red meat and pulses intake should be as per the doctor’s note.
  • Foods containing sodium and potassium in more quantity should not be consumed.
  • For Ex: Fruit juices like orange, grapes, watermelon, banana and coconut water.
  • Water intake should be in determining doses only.
  • As well, seasoning ingredients should be in limited doses only.
  • All the vegetables should be consumed only after cleaning 3 times or more for cooking kidney patients, when on diet. This process is called leaching.
  • Sugar or Diabetic patients need to have additional advice from doctors about their food diet.
  • Herbs Cleanses Kidneys

Description About Leaching

  • Vegetables needed to be peeled off properly and cut them into smaller pieces, and put vegetables into a bowl soaked in extra water and boil them.
  • Once boiling vegetables, throw the water away,  try and repeat the process again with fresh water.
  • Once you repeat the process a second time,  you have to  boil vegetables third time again in fresh water, then throw away boiled water and proceed for cooking.

Diet Food Needed for Kidney Patients


  • Pulses, Paneer and Cottage Cheese.
  • Fruits : Apple, Guava , Pineapple, Papaya, and Pears.
  • Oils and vegetables after leaching.

High Value Food With Less Potassium and Proteins

Tapioca Pearls (Sabudana)
Sugarless Butter, Peeled off vegetables, vegetable oils and Ghee.
Food types and Vegetables with Less Potassium and Sodium.
Fenugreek leaves, beet-root, bottle gourd, cucumber, beans, Brinjal, lady finger, potatoes, pumpkin, radish, cabbage, cauliflower, raw mango and onion.

Foods that need to be Avoided with excess of Potassium

 Food items with excess of salt
1. Red meat and crabs.
2. Pickles, papadum and biscuits.
3. Idli or Dosa Batters. Soups, dried fish and fruit chips.
4. Popcorn, groundnut and corn seeds.
Butter with salt, China Salt or ( lime salt ), cool drinks, complan, horlicks, bournvita
Red meat and yeast related food items.
Tomato Sauce and Soya Sauce.
Baked bread, wafers and pastries.
Meat quantity for Kidney Patients for their diet.
Egg- 1 , Paneer-25 gms, Fish-25 gms, red meat- 25 gms, Chicken-25gms,
Afternoon Lunch: Rice-100 gms, Chappathi-4, Puri-4.

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