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Glass of Wine Per Day Leads to Heart Diseases

Glass of Wine Per Day Leads to Heart Diseases

Glass of wine per day leads to heart diseases:

  1. It’s always a saying that a glass of wine per day would keep you away from heart related diseases. But it’s just a myth, please come out of that assumption as scientist revealed in one of their research.
  2. And now scientist warning that the wine will break the rhythm and may lead to heart related diseases.
  3. When compared with those who don’t drink at all, The heart rhythm contracts, may be disturbed by 8% more those with who has wine every day. 

Excess Alcohol

Glass of Wine Per Day

  1. It is considered to be more dangerous for them those who consume wine once in a while. And disease related to this is called as holiday heart syndrome. When compared to them whose who drink frequently.
  2. Wine is of again few different types red and white. White wine is a form of alcohol and has calories in it. If you have it in low quantity it should not be any problem, but, over usage of it may lead to weight gain from the calories in it and might lead to the lungs and liver diseases.
  3. For example, if we consider drinking of alcohol for a pregnant lady, its effects on the womb and impacts on baby’s growth with behavior issues. They also might find stunted growth in the baby and in the learning behavior.

Alcohol Studies Suggests…..

  1. Studies also suggested that excess of white wine produces  Estrogen which is correlated to breast cancer, and high risk of producing tumors to grow in body very quickly.
  2. Metabolism of the body gets slow down with the consumption of alcohol.

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