H1B New Visa Rules

Jan 18′

Few Restrictions in H-1B Visa…

H-1B New Visa RulesIndian IT companies can expect changes in the system by the decision going to be taken by the Trump’s government.

As per the recent news it is  going to be with so many restrictions with the issuance of H-1B visa , as per the internal security. When compared to the earlier visa restrictions.

It is trying to resurface one of its nominated 2011 based visa system.

 Visa Process For H-1B

H-1B Visa and Non-Immigration visa is granted based on the lottery system of the US government.

With the kind of lottery system US citizenship and immigration services (USCIS), a cap of 65,000 is categorized into the general category, and an exception cap of 20,000 is considered for the  advanced degree category to issue H-1B Visa.

Apart from this, they reissue one lakh visas. As we are aware of the fact that once anyone land in the USA, It becomes difficult for anyone to come back to homeland with the ambience what they get there.

Visa Restrictions

If you have to apply for H-1B visa as per the new rules,  Firstly they have to register for H-1B cap and from there if his or her application gets picked up from there they have to submit a petition on this for further process.

  • It’s not easy getting the cap number for everyone who ever applies.
  • These cap numbers are issued to them those who are experts  in their profession in high priority.
  • With one of the decision made by Trump’s government couple of months ago was, ”Americans First” which means first priority for the jobs would be for US citizens in the order, as per the internal security officer in one of the interviews which he revealed.
  • All these new rules with restriction for H-1B visa, will be announced later in the month of February, as per the online based immigration weekly Fragomen.
  • Most of the H-1B visa applications received are mostly from Indians only, and the US government has issued 1,26,692 visas last year.
  • China in the next position applied for the H-1B visas and they got them only 21,659 visas.
  • Many of the IT graduates working with US companies are from India again.
  • So Trump’s government is looking forward to cut down it to one third in total.

New Visa Rules

As per the new rules issued by the Trump’s government, if a techie comes to USA on a work visa or independently, he himself is allowed to work and dependent may be wife or children are not allowed to work.

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