Thursday, 13 August 2020

Jio to Target Technical Improvements

By 2020 With Growth of 53% and 4 Billion Dollar: Akash Ambani

Reliance Jio is always ready to help if it influences 100 crore Indians, says Mukesh Ambani Son and company director Akash Ambani in one of the meetings. And mentioned, reliance Jio will provide new generation technology, which will be available for every Indian as well said, Public cloud has a bright future in the market.

Nationally, market level of public cloud for this year is 1.81 billion dollars, but by 2020 it rises up to 53% and expected to reach the mark of 4 billion dollars (approximately 26,000 crores) as sources said.

Bright Future With Public Cloud

Akash Ambani also stated that the Indian Economy will be more digitalize by 2020. Speaking at “India Digital Open Summit” open source, artificial intelligence, block chain and open stock technologies are important for consumer experiences.

This is the first event where Akash Ambani has participated with his speech in the absence of his parents. With public cloud technology, consumers get better experience said by the company director.

Jio Bound To Improve Every Common Life

Open Source: Apart from The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), involvement in few other projects Jio plays a very important role.

Not only in India, Internationally for few other sectors to drive them technically forward them open source had its own importance.

Artificial intelligence has become important for everyone now. Internationally, fully open source based cloud project with open stock apart from reliance Jio 60 other countries working as data centers to provide services for a few of the projects.

Block Chain: Year 2017,  can be considered to be as a block chain and digital currency. Beyond crypto currency and block chain, it provides and open source platform for enabling transactions securely with a proper distributed system.

Apart from Bitcoin, this technology also finds its utility in banks/fintech, health care, real estate, education, 5G, IOT and agriculture.

All this technology will influence one or the other way in Indian daily life. As said earlier, factors which influence 100 crore Indians to push them in positive direction reliance Jio is always ready to help them in providing new generation technology to their users. And this should reach every Indian and common man.

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