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Let us Study Easily

If we are going on a long journey by bus, or going to any beach, we make sure to carry books or magazines, but this become an old fashion. Now E- reader is enough to replace this book, without any stress we can read  all the books, it is not expensive either. It will be available for you under Rs 10,000/- only.

If we are talking about E- reader, obviously every ones eye is to kindle first, like kindle we have so many E-readers.

Let us Study Easily


Kobo Glow HD

Will you travel regularly, if yes then kobo glow hd reader will be more suitable to you, it helps you to read magazines, poetry, news, stories, etc, it’s a good option for those who prefers kindle paper white.

Study Paper white contain 6 inch card ink display, including Wi-Fi connectivity facility and capacity of 4gb with 300 PPI pixel density feature, it supports all the files like PDF, JPEasy, GIF,  PNG, HTML etc.

We can transfer the files from this device to system through a micro USB slot in a bottom, even children will like this KOBO Reader.

Nook Glow Light  Plus

If you want to study pdf files with a wi-fi facility and,  if required water proof picture quality then you can opt for Nook Glow Light Plus, it gives a tough competition to kindle paper white.

It itself represents with a slim design, 6 inches with clear visibility, storage capacity is 4 gb.

Want High Storage Capacity…Then Kobo Touch 2.0

Now a days 4gb storage capacity is very less, if you want to study E-reader with higher storage capacity, then you can go for kobo touch 2.0, with the help of micro HD card, we can increase the capacity up-to 30 GB. Here we can also adjust the font size with our choice, even it has excellent battery power. It supports E-PUB, CBZ, CBR, formats in which kindle failed to do.

Want Big Display… Kobo Yura H20

Every e-reader is facilitated with 6 inch display, but many people prefer for big display, then Kobo yura H20 is the best option.

It contains 6.8 inch display with water proof picture clarity, without stressing your eyes even at nights you can adjust back light and enjoy reading.

Kindle as an E – reader is on top position, at present kindle paper white playing an excellent role with  6 inch display, it provides continues automatic lighting, as it has ink technology display, which reduce stress to our eyes at the time of reading, it has a facility to connect 3g and WiFi

With E- Reader 

  •  If you have a habit of reading books, then you can go for an  E-reader, which helps you to enjoy in journeys.
  • Once you download online, you can enjoy reading anytime, anywhere offline.

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