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Personal Pocket Computer MINI PC LIVA Q

A computer is an electronic device which gets data as input and performs some sequence of operations and applies the result as output. Computer is a modern tool which has hit our life effortless and simple. The first mechanical computer was made by ‘Charles Babbage’ in 1822.


Personal Packet Computer MINI PC LIVA Q


The first personal computer was introduced in the year of 1981 by IBM. The first generation computers were very big in size and it’s really tough to maintain they used vacuum tubes to run, whereas now a day systems are working with Artificial Intelligence.

After a few years the size and maintenance of data processors have significantly decreased. Currently we are utilizing convenient PCs in work area. 


MINI PC LIVA QGreat news for the technology lovers that a new MINI PC is launched by the ECS (Elite Group Computer Systems) company in India. Price range starts from 13,500 to 15,500/- in this range this is a pretty safe product and value for the money as well.

The company is promoting as this is the smallest mini PC in India named as ‘LIVA-Q’. It is available with 2GB and 4GB RAM with Pentium N4200 quad-core processor and Celeron N3350 dual-core SOC (System on Chip).

This PC is the world’s smallest windows based PC is powered by the Intel Apollo Lake processors and is capable of 4K resolution [3840×2160] videos with Intel HD graphics support is also supported windows 10 Operating System.

Features of LIVA-Q

2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet jack, 1 HDMI port available for this wonderful PC.
It also has Bluetooth and memory expandable up to 128 GB.
Weight: 260-263 grams
Measures: 70mmx70mmx31.4mm.

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