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Robotic Kidney Transplantation

  1. When you come across a problem with the kidneys, we normally go for dialysis. But, if both kidneys are failing, we have to go for dialysis and kidney transplantation in the later stages and there is no other alternative option available round the globe.
  2. But from past 6 decades, we are undergoing only open surgeries only. 
  3. Differently to open surgery, we got a new option In the market called as robotic kidney transplantation.
  4. Earlier in India, we had only very few centers for robotic kidney transplant surgery.
  5. Previously open surgeries included highly cutting down muscles for a kidney transplant.

Robotic Kidney Transplantation

 Da Vinci  Robotic kidney transplant.

  1. But now, with robotic kidney transplant, with very small cut, it is possible to go for transplant with lesser difficulty in muscle pain. And it’s also guaranteed that the equipment used in the DA Vinci Robotic System executes works perfectly without any deviation.
  2. Due to which, kidney taken out from the donor at the time of  transplant will not be damaged and transplantation will be safe. And it is examined that, with the help of this surgery only 3 inch cut in the body is enough to go for the transplant.
  3. With the help of robotic surgery, even a minute molecule appears to be 10 times more than the normal size which make its job easier.
  4. Certainly, another  main reason using behind this technique is, it will not affect any other component of the human body which is why it is most preferred method for this surgery.
  5. The advantage of this technique is, we can find less blood loss and less pain after surgery with very low chances of infection, when compared to open surgery.
  6. There are more possibilities of recovering from surgery very quickly for both donor and the patient.                     


  1. To get rid of this problem very quickly this equipment is available in one of the Telangana State hospitals in India and a few other centers. And these hospitals proved few robotic transplant surgeries successfully.
  2. With this journey a ray of hope bought in to the chronic kidney failure patients. If patients looking for  transplantation, they don’t need to worry about ethical open surgery and get worried, but highly suggested and recommended Da Vinci’s Robotic Kidney Transplantation with confidence. 

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