Saturday, 24 October 2020
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Skin Care for Winter

As winter arrives people are scared about the skin, which turns into white, dry and in the form of powder. It troubles you mentally and makes you ill deviating from work. And it is definitely a difficult job to take care of skin. How much ever care you take it still troubles you somewhere or the either.

To avoid the difficulties for the skin that you facing from winter weather, today here we will discuss a few tips to look after the skin.

  • It is best suggested to use some of the baby powders to wash body as they are designed and prepared sensitively. Sesame oil is very good for skin in winter. Massage body with sesame oil and use green gram flour to clean the body with warm water. By doing this way, it makes your skin softer throughout the day.
  • Another way to protect your skin is apply Vaseline or body lotion to the body and have bath with lukewarm water, it softens your body.

Maintain Body Lotions and Vaseline

Body lotions and Vaseline

  • If you use a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil in lukewarm water, it acts as total moisturizer and keeps body smooth.
  • Make sure have the habit of using body lotions which have vitamin E in it. It is always advised to use body creams after bath.
  • For cracks in the skin due to weather it is definitely recommended to use Vaseline. Instead of using light moisturizers better prefer for thick moisturizers.
  • Instead of using bathing bars better use glycerine gels to keep your skin smooth and soft. And apply Vaseline for both hands and legs.
  • Need to have the habit of body massage with hot oil at least once in a week, and cover your legs with socks. So as to protect heels from crack and to keep yourself warm.

What Fitness Specialists Claim is?

  • In winter, as the weather is cold you don’t like drinking water which we normally drink water in the rest of the season. On top humidity is very low in the air, which in turn water content going out from the body would be usually more. Due to which, you can clearly see the dryness in the skin.
  • However, how many ever creams, facials and face packs women use, if they do not  consume enough water for the day, fitness specialist stating that they have to face the consequences for sure.

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