Saturday, 24 October 2020
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Summer an Unforgettable Staycation

Hot summer streets, air so hot you feel to cut it with a knife. It is like hell spending summer in the country. Here are a few tips and tricks to refresh, relax and make memories with the tan.Before consuming food at least hour before have plenty of water, it stabilizes the body temperature from ups and downs.Having plenty of water before food keeps you away from getting thirsty every often.

Staycation with summer

Opt Alternative Drinks in Summer

It is also suggested to have sports drinks to get away from dehydration in the summer.
When sun rays fall on body minerals like sodium and potassium die with the heat, so drinks with enough potassium and sodium need to be consumed to balance and improve your blood pressure.
Wake up early hours in the morning, go for jogging or walking with a little bit of exercise, increases oxygen level in the body.Humidity in the air cannot evaporate easily and keeps the body hot, sticky with excessive sweating and increased respiration.

Stay Hydrated with Water in the Summer

Stay hydrated with water

As temperature hits high in the summer its natural with fluid loss in the body. Feeling thirsty every often will get dehydrated.One needs to replenish inside their body with normal water or juices in the summer.

  • In the whole Universe water is only the best solution to quench thirst and from dehydration.Bored of drinking water, other alternative suggested to keep you boosted like adding flavors to increase the intake of water.
  • It is essential to maintain the balance of water, we lose water daily in the regular processes like passing of urine and other chemical reactions.
  • The internal temperature of the body should be adopted by consumption of water in short intervals.Items like tea and coffee should be minimized¬† as they dehydrate the body.

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