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Tattoos: A Fashion Trend In Market

We see most of the girls use high heels, hair straightening, curling and piercing to look themselves ultra-modern. You might be worried in the above elements tattoo is not included?  We are going to discuss all about tattoo in this page. This tattoo trend has been in over decades now, people are driving crazy to get tattoos on the body.

Tattoos A Fashion

This trend was earlier limited to high end people, celebrities and considered as a status symbol, but now it has reached to common people. From hi-fi studios, it has made its way to every corner of the street, until the highways. But this speed couldn’t control the health and safety measurements that are needed to look into.

Planning To Get a Tattoo?

  1. From Hi-Fi studios, it has made its path to every corner of the street and until the highway stalls.
  2. In this trend,, people are carried away with health and safety measurements.
  3. Here, we are going to look into a few of the tips and safety measures before and after having tattoos.

Safety Conditions For Having Tattoo

The tattoo is just another form of mini-surgery. You need to make sure and aware of the health conditions, food, diet and the medicines we are allergic to, when planning to have a tattoo.

Honestly speaking, only experts can make analysis and design tattoo. Some might have a pigment injection problem, as its going to react in the human body.

It will affect the tattoo area and lead to fever and other problems. We can see these days people are having temporary tattoos, as they come up with a chemical called paraphenylenediamine which causes dermatitis problems.

Increased mercury levels in tattoo colors may damage on the human body. Iron particles involved in this tattooing may put you trouble at the time of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning.

Side Effects of Tattoos

If you are planning to have tattoos in unhygenic conditions, it will wound the tattoo area and sometimes you will see a couple of different colors (yellow or green) liquid coming out in the tattooed area.

Impetigo, cellulites are the kind of problems you might come across, when you have a tattoo in undesignated area with unhealthy conditions.

Apart from this, if you are careless at any point in this process, you have to face the consequences of HIV, Hepatitis, and staphylococcus diseases.

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