Turkey officially the republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country located mainly in western Asia, with a smaller proportion on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast Europe.

Turkey map with destinations

Turkey is bordered by Greece and Bulgaria to its north-west. Georgia to its northeast. Armenia the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhichevan and Iran to the east. Iraq and Syria to the South. Istanbul is the largest city, but more central Ankara is the Capital.

Turkey is one of the world’s top ten destination countries with Europeans are committing the most tourists.

Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier of Turkey is the Europe’s best airliner which covered over 126 goals and many other regions of the globe and the largest carrier in the cosmos.

Ankara – It is Asia’s Capital or it is also called as Modern Capital of Turkey.

Istanbul – It is called as Europe’s Capital.

GMT +2 Hours.

Flight Duration: 4. 30 hrs approximately departing from UK airports.

Currency: Turkish Lira.

Season: Mid-April to Mid-Oct 3.

Dialling Code: +90

Turkey is divided into mainly three coastal areas and they are classified as:


Aegean Coast

  1. Izmir
  2. Bodrum

 Western Turkey


And TurkishRiviera



E-Visa – Anyone travelling to Turkey British passport or EU passport or any other passport would need Visa to visit Turkey.Still, it is best to contact with the relevant embassies. E-visa can be applied online and there is an approximate charge of 25$ for an E – visa.

Star ratings with the hotel differ from supplier to supplier, however the star rating of the hotel when compared to the hotels in Spain and any other theatrical roles of the globe would not remain same.Rating of the hotel here in Turkey is decided by the Turkish Government.

Muslim Tourists visit Turkey a lot as Food & culture is best suitable for them and the warm weather in the state.

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