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Urinary Tract Infection

Usually, 60 percent of women face this problem every day in their life. When we share some of these symptoms to the doctor, they too consider this as a problem. Initially, we might think that it is a small problem, but if we ignore this can become a major.Now, how to recognize this urinary tract infection, what precautions need to be taken, let us see.

Urinary Tract Infection

Overview of the Urinary Tract Infection

Virtually, if we compare, we can see this problem more in women than men. And the first reason is being a woman itself. This is because, the urinary tract is very small in women to pass the urine. Due to which bacteria can take place easily. But, through antibiotic we can cure this. If this bacteria cause infection to kidney, then we can see a symptom like back pain, cold, fever, and vomiting sensation, etc.
For some people urinary tract infection problem may occur sometime, for some people it will remain continuously.
However, we can resolve this problem by using medicines. But, most of us will not share this problem with doctors, which results in high risk.

Basic Symptoms for Urinary Infection:

  • Burning sensation while passage of urine.
  • Passage of a urine very frequently are unable to control
  • Stomach pain
  • Frequent urination in between sleep
  • Bad odors from urine
  • Urine with blood

Urinary Tract Infection lead to 

If we able to find the symptoms, but still if we ignore, then kidney may affect badly and may increase the blood pressure which results in failure of both the kidneys due to gallstone formation.
If we won’t resolve it initially, in later stages it may lead to menopause and urge incontinence may occur which means sudden urinating and control over urine fails.Just in case, if a pregnant woman has this problem, then sometimes even her baby might get affected and there will be no symptoms to identify
Estrogen Harmons will stop generating at this stage of menopause, which will increase Phd percentage, orderly this result in infection.

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